31 December 2005

Day 11

"... Down into the earth where dead men go I would go soon and maybe come out of it again in some healthy way, free and innocent of all human perplexity. I would perhaps be the chill of an April wind, an essential part of some indomitable river or be personally concerned in the ageless perfection of some rank mountain bearing down upon the mind by occupying forever a position in the blue easy distance. Or perhaps a smaller thing like movement in the grass on an unbearable breathless yellow day, some hidden creature going about its business - I might well be responsible for that or for some part of it. Or even those unaccountable distinctions that make an evening recognizable from its own morning, the smells and sounds and sights of the perfected and matured essences of the day, these might not be innocent of my meddling and my abiding presence. (...)
"Or perhaps I would be an influence that prevails in water, something sea-borne and far away, some certain arrangement of sun, light and water unknown and unbeheld, something far-from-usual. There are in the great world whirls of fluid and vaporous existences obtaining in their own unpassing time, unwatched and uninterpreted, valid only in their essential un-understanding mystery, justified only in their eyeless and mindless immeasurability, unassailable in their actual abstraction; of the inner quality of such a thing I might well in my own time be the true quintessential pith. I might belong to a lonely shore or be the agony of the sea when it bursts upon it in despair."
-Flann O'Brien, "The Third Policeman" (1967).

26 December 2005

The Demise of Something Worth Pursuing

"Does this mean that you have produced somthing of note??? HOpe all is well,, Happy New Year and keep on growing in your art. Alexx"

20 December 2005

Take my shoes off

"Dame Nature is a gentlewoman. No guide's fee will obtain you her favor, no abrupt demand; hardly will she bear questioning, or direct, curious gazing at her beauty."
-Frederick Law Olmstead, from 'Walks and Talks of an American Farmer in England', 1852.

2 December 2005


I just wanted to tell you about a dream I had last night. Jon reported that he had heard back from one of the spaces for which we had devised a proposal, but he said: 'something astounding has happened- they offered me a solo show'.