17 December 2006

Smoke-free Places Act
The Smoke-free Places Act requires on December 1, 2006 that all indoor workplaces and public places to be smoke-free. The Act requires all outdoor licensed areas and patios of all restaurants, lounges, beverage rooms and cabarets to be smoke-free.

Designated smoking rooms can be operated for the use of residents in health-care facilities for the acute or long-term care of veterans, in licensed nursing homes and residential care facilities and in homes for aged and disabled persons.

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Overview of the Smoke-free Places Act

Total Smoking Ban

No smoking is permitted in the following enclosed places:

daycare, pre-school
school, community college or university [also, no smoking on school grounds]
library, art gallery or museum
health-care facility
cinema or theatre
video arcade, pool hall, billiards room
recreational facility where the primary activity is physical
recreation, including a bowling alley, fitness centre, gymnasium, pool or rink
multi-service centre, community centre/hall, arena, fire hall or church hall
meeting or conference room or hall, ballroom or conference centre
retail shop, boutique, market or store or shopping mall
ferry, ferry terminal, bus, bus station or shelter, taxi, taxi shelter, limousine or vehicle carrying passengers for hire
common area of a commercial building or multi-unit residential building, including but not limited to corridors, lobbies, stairwells, elevators, escalators, escalators, eating areas, washrooms and restrooms
restaurants, lounges, beverage rooms, private clubs, cabarets, clubs or other places licensed to serve alcoholic beverages
a casino complex
a facility as defined in the Hospitals Act
offices of the Government of the Province, a municipality, a village or a school board
provincial jail, detention centre, or reformatory

no smoking in vehicles used in the course of employment while carrying two or more employees

no smoking at any time
Beverage rooms & Lounges

no smoking at any time
Places used for Bingo

no smoking at any time
Private clubs

no smoking at any time

no smoking at any time
Licensed outdoor areas and patios

The Act requires all outdoor licensed areas and patios of all restaurants, lounges, beverage rooms and cabarets to be smoke-free
Nursing home or residential care facility or a part of a health-care facility used for the acute or long-term are of veterans:

Designated smoking rooms are permitted
must be enclosed and separately ventilated
only residents are permitted
signs must be posted at the entrance
Building entrances

no smoking within 4 metres of windows, air intake vents and entrances to places of employment
Tobacco Possession by Youth

no youth under the age of 19 may possess tobacco
tobacco possession is not an offence, however, peace officers with reasonable and probable grounds to believe that a person under 19 may be in possession of tobacco may confiscate tobacco.
Effective Date

Comes into force on January 1, 2003
If you have any questions specific to the Smoke-free Places Act please call 1-800-565-3611.

12 December 2006

"For our purposes, the pertinent fact is that everywhere in the modern world smells are being eliminated. What is shown by this immense deodorizing campaign, which makes use of every available means to combat natural smells whether good or bad, is that the transposition of everything into the idiom of images, of spectacle, of verbal discourse, and of writing and reading is but one aspect of a much vaster enterprise. (...)
"But a perfume either induces or fails to induce an erotic mood- it does not carry on a discourse about it. It either fills a place with enchantment or else has no effect upon it at all."
Henri Lefebvre, 'The Production of Space'(Blackwell Publishing, MA, USA; Oxford, England; Victoria, Australia; 1991), p. 197, 198.

11 December 2006

Contra Gillette

• Made from ceramic zirconia
• Blade is second only to diamond in hardness
• Extremely durable and will retain its sharpness
• The knife will never rust, it is unaffected by salty or acidic foodstuffs
• In normal use it is virtually indestructible

6 December 2006

The term Brownian motion (in honor of the botanist Robert Brown) refers to either:
The physical phenomenon where minute particles, immersed in a fluid or floating on its surface, move about randomly; or The mathematical model used to describe such random movements, often called a Wiener process.

24 November 2006

The Mies Treatment

"Could we, through training and practice, emancipate ourselves from the middle world and achieve an intuitive understanding, not just a mathematical one, of the very small and very large?"

- Richard Dawkins in a presentation at McGill University.

"Dawkins holds that the existence or non-existence of God is a scientific hypothesis which is open to rational demonstration. Christianity teaches that to claim that there is a God must be reasonable, but that this is not at all the same thing as faith. Believing in God, whatever Dawkins might think, is not like concluding that aliens or the tooth fairy exist. God is not a celestial super-object or divine UFO, about whose existence we must remain agnostic until all the evidence is in. Theologians do not believe that he is either inside or outside the universe, as Dawkins thinks they do. His transcendence and invisibility are part of what he is, which is not the case with the Loch Ness monster. This is not to say that religious people believe in a black hole, because they also consider that God has revealed himself: not, as Dawkins thinks, in the guise of a cosmic manufacturer even smarter than Dawkins himself (the New Testament has next to nothing to say about God as Creator), but for Christians at least, in the form of a reviled and murdered political criminal. The Jews of the so-called Old Testament had faith in God, but this does not mean that after debating the matter at a number of international conferences they decided to endorse the scientific hypothesis that there existed a supreme architect of the universe – even though, as Genesis reveals, they were of this opinion. They had faith in God in the sense that I have faith in you. They may well have been mistaken in their view; but they were not mistaken because their scientific hypothesis was unsound."

- Terry Eagleton "Lunging, Flailing, Mispunching" - a review of 'The God Delusion' a book by Richard Dawkins, first published in the London Review of Books.

22 November 2006

The following message was sent to my mobile phone from a UK number at 19:29:23 on November 20th, 2006:

Jerry O'Gorman- mormon. Sexton Blake- cake. Loop the loop-soup. Chevy chase- face. Kidney punch- lunch. Cheerful giver- liver.

15 November 2006

Designing Therapy Spaces

'Relationships that a human being finds in his environment are also relationships between any two objects. There are standards, suitabilities, modular systems, complex systems and last not least the relationships between products and systems. Such relationships become visible when two objects are placed in a room to form special interdependencies. these interdependencies do not have to be functional at all, but may be purely formal, e.g. when different pieces of furniture are placed in the same room their relationship is formal. this phenomenon is also found in urban development.'

- Hans Gugelot

31 October 2006

roses are red - http://www.prairieplant.com/

Prairie Plant Systems, a progressive and innovative plant R & D company, is seeking three individuals to round out its management team. If you are an agrologist, botanist or possess a similar degree in the plant sciences field who welcomes growth, change, challenge, and thinking outside the box, we want to talk to you.

If you would like more information or would like to submit an application please contact us.

Postings for Flin Flon, Manitoba Location

2. Part Time Gardeners

Seeking casual labour to work in our underground plant growth chamber. Candidates must be able to do physical work, go underground and be security cleared.


From time to time the services of casual labour are required for transplanting, harvesting, growth chamber cleanliness and maintenance as well as other duties that may be required from time to time.

Successful candidates will be put on a list for call up. All candidates must be security cleared.

To Apply

Apply by forwarding resume by November 15, 2006 to:

Personnel Manager
Prairie Plant Systems
Box 19A RR #5
Saskatoon, Sask
S7K 3J8
Fax: 306-975-0440
Or e-mail to: pps@prairieplant.com

30 October 2006

1. Good Art is innovative

2. Good Art makes a product understandable.

3. Good Art is elegant.

4. Good Art makes a product useful.

5. Good Art is unobstrusive.

6. Good Art is honest.

7. Good Art is long living.

8. Good Art is consequent right to the very last detail.

9. Good Art is friendly to the environment.

10. Good Art is as little Art as possible.

30 September 2006

Just After Ten

"First i would like to say that i do not know alot about gravity and probably alot of things. I am not very well educated on gravity or any thing else really i am in high school and i know this may seem weird but then again you will think wow this seems so simple that it might actually be true. i know that i believe it because it makes so much sense. And i know that there are alot of people that think magnets and gravity are two different things but they are not.

my theory is that there are more than just the north and south pole. we just have not discovered them yet. i do not know how many but i know there are at least two. i think that the only reason we do not know is because the earth's pole is either not attracted to it or repels it. not every pole affects every other pole just some of them. we all have at least one or two at the least poles in us that is why we are connected to the earth. everything has at least one or two maybe more.

the earth and the planets have at least two poles in them. the sun is attracting us and pushing us at the same time. in the center there is a pole pushing us away and on top the pull is attracting us. that is why we do not crash on the sun and do not go away from it. think about the odds that 8 planets just happened to be going the perfect speed and distance from the sun as it went by to stay in orbit for ever there is no way there has to be a force pushing and pulling at the same time(magnets)

all the planets have this. they have poles scattered around also which is what makes us spin. the sun is pulling and pushing different sides making us spin. there is more on this theory that i have"
if you have any questions or want to here the rest email me at bigJbird82@yahoo.com

20 August 2006

"Warning" sign posted on gate of defunct/abandoned "installation" in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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elaine: 8th Sep 2005 - 15:19 GMT
a new slant on installation art - ... with dogs outfits by prada, perhaps

jack: 8th Sep 2005 - 23:52 GMT
elaine, its funny that you should mention prada. i met the women who runs the fashon company, prada.

11 August 2006

Answers from the archive

"What would be your advice to young designers?"
"Designers who can´t work with others, whether engineers or other key production people, are lost from the start. Because all those creative ideas will be of no use. Only when I listen to others and take on board their arguments, will they then be willing to accept my arguments. It´s that easy sometimes. I think this is one of the key skills a young designer must have. And of course they need a lot of luck and, in the design field, above all staying power, so they are not blown down by the first wind."- Dieter Rams

5 July 2006

drifters dialectic

Day 4: The prosecution begins its case. Howard Morgan, a 14-year-old student in Scopes's biology class is on the witness stand:
Q--Did you attend school here at Dayton last year?
A--Yes, sir.
Q--Did you study anything under Prof. Scopes?
A--Yes sir.
Q--Did you study this book, General Science?
A--Yes, sir....
Q--Did he ever undertake to teach you anything about evolution?
A--Yes, sir....
Q--Just state in your own words, Howard, what he taught you and when it was.
A--It was along about the 2d of April.
Q--Of this year?
A--Yes, sir; of this year. He said that the earth was once a hot molten mass too hot for plant or animal life to exist upon it; in the sea the earth cooled off; there was a little germ of one cell organism formed, and this organism kept evolving until it got to be a pretty good-sized animal, and then came on to be a land animal and it kept on evolving, and from this was man.

26 June 2006

"Last year a man in South Korea died after spending 50 hours playing an online game."
-From the BBC website

29 May 2006


I have just been awakened by people scraping crusty metal off the walkup staircase. My dream was set in a lush, flat country field containing humanbuilt waterfalls, caves extracted from the earth and turned inside out, historic ruins, and "primitive" monuments. The festivities seemed to follow the logic of a funeral (for me?), and we were all there celebrating with bonfires, and roasts. Rob had just arrived on his bicycle from a race, and Michael dressed in a police uniform. The proceedings seemed to go well, but the scraping metal interrupted a little too soon to know for sure.

23 May 2006

Mike Kelley bootleg


I have already repressed the memory of the last post that was deleted

"Objects arise as the figures in the landscape of empire; narratives and actions put them in motion."
- W.J.T. Mitchell "What do pictures want?", The University of Chicago Press (Chicago and London;2005), p. 154.

24 April 2006

"Let us recall the staged performance of "Storming the Winter Palace" in Petrograd, on the third anniversary of the October Revolution, on 7 November 1920. Tens of thousands of workers, soldiers, students and artists worked round the clock, living on kasha (the tasteless wheat porridge), tea and frozen apples, and preparing the performance at the very place where the event "really took place" three years earlier; their work was coordinated by the Army officers, as well as by the avant-garde artists, musicians and directors, from Malevich to Meyerhold. Although this was acting and not "reality," the soldiers and sailors were playing themselves - many of them not only actually participated in the event of 1917, but were also simultaneously involved in the real battles of the Civil War that were raging in the near vicinity of Petrograd, a city under siege and suffering from severe shortages of food. A contemporary commented on the performance: "The future historian will record how, throughout one of the bloodiest and most brutal revolutions, all of Russia was acting"54; and the formalist theoretician Viktor Shklovski noted that "some kind of elemental process is taking place where the living fabric of life is being transformed into the theatrical."
-slavoj zizek "Repeating Lenin"
available: http://www.lacan.com/replenin.htm

13 April 2006

"A personality: that is an institution in a single instance."
-Arnold Gehlen "Die Seele im technischen Zeitalter" (Hamburg 1957).