17 December 2006

Smoke-free Places Act
The Smoke-free Places Act requires on December 1, 2006 that all indoor workplaces and public places to be smoke-free. The Act requires all outdoor licensed areas and patios of all restaurants, lounges, beverage rooms and cabarets to be smoke-free.

Designated smoking rooms can be operated for the use of residents in health-care facilities for the acute or long-term care of veterans, in licensed nursing homes and residential care facilities and in homes for aged and disabled persons.

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Overview of the Smoke-free Places Act

Total Smoking Ban

No smoking is permitted in the following enclosed places:

daycare, pre-school
school, community college or university [also, no smoking on school grounds]
library, art gallery or museum
health-care facility
cinema or theatre
video arcade, pool hall, billiards room
recreational facility where the primary activity is physical
recreation, including a bowling alley, fitness centre, gymnasium, pool or rink
multi-service centre, community centre/hall, arena, fire hall or church hall
meeting or conference room or hall, ballroom or conference centre
retail shop, boutique, market or store or shopping mall
ferry, ferry terminal, bus, bus station or shelter, taxi, taxi shelter, limousine or vehicle carrying passengers for hire
common area of a commercial building or multi-unit residential building, including but not limited to corridors, lobbies, stairwells, elevators, escalators, escalators, eating areas, washrooms and restrooms
restaurants, lounges, beverage rooms, private clubs, cabarets, clubs or other places licensed to serve alcoholic beverages
a casino complex
a facility as defined in the Hospitals Act
offices of the Government of the Province, a municipality, a village or a school board
provincial jail, detention centre, or reformatory

no smoking in vehicles used in the course of employment while carrying two or more employees

no smoking at any time
Beverage rooms & Lounges

no smoking at any time
Places used for Bingo

no smoking at any time
Private clubs

no smoking at any time

no smoking at any time
Licensed outdoor areas and patios

The Act requires all outdoor licensed areas and patios of all restaurants, lounges, beverage rooms and cabarets to be smoke-free
Nursing home or residential care facility or a part of a health-care facility used for the acute or long-term are of veterans:

Designated smoking rooms are permitted
must be enclosed and separately ventilated
only residents are permitted
signs must be posted at the entrance
Building entrances

no smoking within 4 metres of windows, air intake vents and entrances to places of employment
Tobacco Possession by Youth

no youth under the age of 19 may possess tobacco
tobacco possession is not an offence, however, peace officers with reasonable and probable grounds to believe that a person under 19 may be in possession of tobacco may confiscate tobacco.
Effective Date

Comes into force on January 1, 2003
If you have any questions specific to the Smoke-free Places Act please call 1-800-565-3611.

12 December 2006

"For our purposes, the pertinent fact is that everywhere in the modern world smells are being eliminated. What is shown by this immense deodorizing campaign, which makes use of every available means to combat natural smells whether good or bad, is that the transposition of everything into the idiom of images, of spectacle, of verbal discourse, and of writing and reading is but one aspect of a much vaster enterprise. (...)
"But a perfume either induces or fails to induce an erotic mood- it does not carry on a discourse about it. It either fills a place with enchantment or else has no effect upon it at all."
Henri Lefebvre, 'The Production of Space'(Blackwell Publishing, MA, USA; Oxford, England; Victoria, Australia; 1991), p. 197, 198.

11 December 2006

Contra Gillette

• Made from ceramic zirconia
• Blade is second only to diamond in hardness
• Extremely durable and will retain its sharpness
• The knife will never rust, it is unaffected by salty or acidic foodstuffs
• In normal use it is virtually indestructible

6 December 2006

The term Brownian motion (in honor of the botanist Robert Brown) refers to either:
The physical phenomenon where minute particles, immersed in a fluid or floating on its surface, move about randomly; or The mathematical model used to describe such random movements, often called a Wiener process.