7 March 2006

6 March 2006

"We still love K.D. & her music
But we still love beef
She hasn't taken away our freedom of choice!
Why should we take away hers?"
(demonstration sign as composed by Lang supporter in Consort, Alberta, 1990; image found in Tony Godfrey "Conceptual Art" Phaidon Press; 1998; p. 349)

3 March 2006

"Here the focus turns to the curious problem of presence-absence, which haunts research on systems of significations. A system or sub-system, whether of objects or words, both is and is not self-sufficient. It is self sufficient; it is complete whole. Each element refers to all others. It looks as full as an egg. Look at it a bit longer and a bit more closely: see, it empties itself. A host of questions, posed technically by linguists and tragically by philosophers, now arises. We ask: Who? For whom? Why? How? The system is not self-sufficient. This 'whole' is partial and open. It refers to 'something else': purpose on the on hand, and the 'subject', on the other, and beyond these two terms lies the totality and the meaning. (,,,)"
_ Henri Lefebvre, "Preface to the study of the Habitat of the 'Pavillon'" in "Lefebvre: Key Writings" (Continuum; NY, London; 2003) p. 132.