30 May 2011

14 May 2011

Milton Keynes: More Than Just Concrete Cows

Posted by admin0502 on August 18th, 2010

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Milton economist is a city, a conception of the united dominance of the Borough of poet Keynes, in Central-Southeast England, settled 72 km (45 miles) northerly of author and roughly midway between metropolis and Cambridge. The study of this purpose-built, high-technology 'new city' is condemned from the tralatitious poet economist Village, which is ease there, structure a lovely thatched pub, community hall, and a church.
The close planetary airport, Luton, is settled most 50 km away, which is mainly utilised by baritone outlay airlines, much as Easyjet and Ryanair. city International Airport is also settled most a 100 km away. Most of the condition services are operated by Virgin and Silverlink, and there are regular services to London, Birmingham, Liverpool, metropolis and boost north. National Express maintains long-distance coaches from author falls Coach Station and Golders Green Bus Station, and there are individual another charabanc services to the Midlands and North. Stagecoach, on the another hand, operates a railcar assist streaming to Oxford, poet Keynes, Bedford, and Cambridge.
Milton economist has over 350 dining establishments in and around the city, substance nearly every identify of topical and planetary preparation to meet all tastes and budgets. The Theatre District, for example, has everything from oriental preparation to alacritous matter chains much as Pizza Hut. Smaller, autarkical restaurants can be institute in outlying areas much as Stony Stratford, Wolverton, and Fenny Stratford. Some of the most packed and snappy pubs and clubs are also settled within this district, with venues substance a arrange of modern, thrilling, sporty, laid-back and cordial atmospheres. As for more tralatitious pubs, nous along the Stony Stratford broad street.
There are some places to meet in and around poet economist from small, cordial bottom and breakfasts finished to the customary super hotels. You haw modify intend to wager the famous objective bovine when you meet this new town.
Being digit of the field retail areas in Southeast England, poet economist has an comprehensive difference of shops, markets and superstores. The Centre in poet economist is digit of Europe's daylong shopping centres, which houses a sort of broad street stores and smaller, doc shops. Midsummer Place shopping centre, on the another hand, is a £150 meg organisation which provides the city with an added 430,000 sq ft of city centre shopping. solon tralatitious shopping region can be institute at the senior towns of Stony Stratford, metropolis Pagnell, Bletchley, Wolverton, Woburn Sands, and Olney.
The most visited tourist attractions in poet economist allow Bletchley Park,

where cipher breakers during World War II were sequestered; Xscape, a sports and recreation Byzantine that features interior deceive slopes, rise walls, bowling lanes, a multi-screen medium and a difference of mutual games; Willen Lake, 180 acre lake and park, substance all types of watersports, broad ropes course, undertaking golf, endeavor area, mini railway, taphouse and cafes; Gulliver's Land, a thought park; National Hockey Stadium, where the MK Dons endeavor bag games; poet economist Theatre, where travelling shows and daylong streaming productions are staged; the Bletchley Park museum of wartime cryptography; and the poet economist Museum, which features the Stacey Hill Collection of agricultural chronicle that existed before the groundwork of the new city.

Some of the favourite festivals and events in the city allow Gardening Show, Free Events, mythologist Park Fireworks, Sherlock's Excellent Adventure, Salsa Events, Slava's Snowshow, etc.


11 May 2011

On Monday the Guardian reported that Pakistan and the US struck a secret deal permitting US military action to capture or kill Bin Laden almost a decade ago, during the rule of President Pervez Musharraf.

Responding through a spokesman and his Facebook page, Musharraf denied that any deal, written or verbal, had been struck.

"The accusation of my having allowed intrusion into Pakistan by US forces chasing Osama bin Laden is absolutely baseless," he said.

"Never has this subject even been discussed between myself and President Bush leave aside allowing such freedom of action that would violate our sovereignty (sic)."

10 May 2011

The Mother of Invention

First sighting of a smoking shelter on a Beijing street after the institution of a citywide smoking ban. Photo by
Elaine W. Ho.

7 May 2011

Clio Coddle

The Corporate Diner: Lunch at Facebook

By April Dembosky

Published: April 29 2011 22:21 Last updated: April 29 2011 22:21

Café X
, Facebook Engineering Building, 1601 California Avenue, Palo Alto, California
Food: International and mostly organic Monday-Thursday, American comfort food Fridays
Value for money: Unmatched – three meals a day and limitless snacks are provided free for staff
Corporate mission: “Helps you connect and share with the people in your life”

The café in the engineering building of Facebook is a cross between a university dining hall and a Las Vegas buffet. Coders and programmers, for whom lunch is often the first meal of the day, fill up plastic trays with the assistance of a string of chefs - one hand-carving roasts of pork and turkey, another extolling the virtues of black eyed peas, collared greens and pulled pork. An
unmanned salad bar and a make-your-own panini station round out the options. At breakfast, there is a waffle bar.

Employees in jeans and T-shirts (including the occasional Google t-shirt) eat their meals at simple white tables with plastic orange chairs, designed to complement Facebook’s overall décor – raw and industrial – which reminds employees that their work is only, always, “1 per cent finished.”

Executive chef, Josef Desimone, is currently overseeing the design of the new cafeteria at Facebook’s future headquarters in Menlo Park, but he has already turned down the first draft. “It was gorgeous,” he said, “which is a problem.” He has to anticipate the graffiti and handprints that will come to grace the walls over time, as employees make their own contributions to the industrial aesthetic.

In addition to café design, Desimone is in charge of planning breakfast, lunch and dinner, five days a week, for the company’s 2,000-odd local employees. He entertains himself as much as his diners by experimenting with different themes, from Chinese to Haitian to an all-chocolate menu that featured chilli-ricotta-cocoa ravioli and asparagus with chocolate vinaigrette.

All meals are free of charge, and at the office’s many snack bars there is a bountiful supply of bananas, Snickers bars and Vitamin Waters. Even the reception desks are furnished with hefty bowls of Starbursts, Tootsie Pops and Peppermint Patties. It’s not surprising new employees are warned of the “Facebook 15,” the typical number of pounds gained in the first year of employment. Free toothpaste and toothbrushes are also provided in the bathrooms.

April Dembosky is the FT’s San Francisco correspondent