31 May 2008

May 31 2008

A provisional artwork by Knowles Eddy Knowles as response to the artist Lawrence Weiner in the interview with Cliff Lauson in the pages of Fillip 7 (Editor Jordan Strom), made from 'Type' lifted (from John Baldessari's late 60's paintings) by the curator Joseph Del Pesco for the purpose of "The Black Market Type & Print Shop" exhibition at Articule, Montreal.

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26 May 2008


"The art of our time, a thousand years from now, will be ceramic sinks and toilets, the only plentiful and durable objects. The ancient masters will be Kohler and American Standard, the latter obviously at the heart of American values."

- Donald Judd in Donald Judd: Architecture, Hatje Cantz Verlag

4 May 2008

Out of the Grauniad

Quand la fumée de tabac
sent aussi de la bouche 
qui l'exhale,
les deux odeurs
s'épousent par

Marcel Duchamp's back cover design for "View" (NY, V, nr. 1, March 1943)