20 August 2006

"Warning" sign posted on gate of defunct/abandoned "installation" in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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elaine: 8th Sep 2005 - 15:19 GMT
a new slant on installation art - ... with dogs outfits by prada, perhaps

jack: 8th Sep 2005 - 23:52 GMT
elaine, its funny that you should mention prada. i met the women who runs the fashon company, prada.

11 August 2006

Answers from the archive

"What would be your advice to young designers?"
"Designers who can´t work with others, whether engineers or other key production people, are lost from the start. Because all those creative ideas will be of no use. Only when I listen to others and take on board their arguments, will they then be willing to accept my arguments. It´s that easy sometimes. I think this is one of the key skills a young designer must have. And of course they need a lot of luck and, in the design field, above all staying power, so they are not blown down by the first wind."- Dieter Rams