29 May 2006


I have just been awakened by people scraping crusty metal off the walkup staircase. My dream was set in a lush, flat country field containing humanbuilt waterfalls, caves extracted from the earth and turned inside out, historic ruins, and "primitive" monuments. The festivities seemed to follow the logic of a funeral (for me?), and we were all there celebrating with bonfires, and roasts. Rob had just arrived on his bicycle from a race, and Michael dressed in a police uniform. The proceedings seemed to go well, but the scraping metal interrupted a little too soon to know for sure.

23 May 2006

Mike Kelley bootleg


I have already repressed the memory of the last post that was deleted

"Objects arise as the figures in the landscape of empire; narratives and actions put them in motion."
- W.J.T. Mitchell "What do pictures want?", The University of Chicago Press (Chicago and London;2005), p. 154.