16 June 2006


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43. Arti-smoking Call for Anti-tobacco Poster Designs
Arti-smoking Call for Anti-tobacco Poster Designs

>From the Curator:
Many of us often have thoughts or ideas that linger in our head for a while.
On 10th June 2004, upon reading some Tobacco related articles, a little voice inside me kept resonating : ?They sold their conscience, you
paid your life ?, since then my vision, of seeing all Artists from parts of the world responding to this voice, grows. It has now become a force, and I am calling to you: join me . ~
Elaine Koo

Submission categories:
This Show encourages 3 categories of submissions:
1. Slogan - Creative writing on Slogan (under 20 words)
2. Poster Design with Suggested Slogan ??lt;B
normal">They sold their conscience, you paid your life ?
3. Poster Design with own slogan.

Submission deadline: September 30th, 2006

Submission formats:
All mediums. Up to 3 entries in the following formats:

-Digital Images (in jpeg, limit file sizes to 300 kb/images)
- via email: artismoking@yahoo.com
-on CDRom or
-on paper or canvas ( Sizes: 8.5” x 11”, 11”x17” up to 20”x
mail to:
55 Michael Drive,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M2H 2A4

Fees: no entry fees required

Art work placements :

Up to 3 designs will be selected by jury for future publications and
distribution to school boards and other interested organization for the
support of anti-tobacco campaigns.

All submitted designs will be displayed as ongoing exhibit in
online gallery. www.geocities.com/artismoking/artgallery.htm

All submitted images will be donated to ARTi-smoking for its
future exhibitions, displays and disposal at ARTi-Smoking? discretion.

ARTi-Smoking may also organize a physical show for the submitted
designs at
a chosen venue, please view previous gallery exhibit at:

Submission form:
Name of artist/designer:
Design Category (Slogan, Poster or Poster & Slogan):
No of designs submitted:
Mailing address (optional):
Website (optional)

For more information please contact: artismoking@yahoo.com

Arti-Smoking is a not-for-profit organization incorporated and
registered in
Arti-Smoking uses creative methods and art to enhance youth and public
awareness about danger of smoking and the epidemic magnitude of deaths
tobacco uses (over 5,000,000 annually), as well as gathering public
to fight the problem.
Arti-Smoking is NOT an anti-smoking organization, it is anti-TOBACCO;
because it believes that tobacco and cigarettes productions are the
sources of the problem.
For more information about ARTi-Smoking please visit its website at:

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"From Hoffman to Rimbaud, in short stories and in many veillées, smoke is thus an agent of dissolution by which the fabric of the house is turned into the depth of the dream; in the same way, as an instrument of the sublime, smoke has always made obscure what otherwise would have seemed too clear."
- Anthony Vidler "The Architectural Uncanny: Essays in the Modern Unhomely" (MIT Press; Cambridge, Massachussetts; London, England;1992); p.41.

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Put that in your... oh, forget it.

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