30 September 2006

Just After Ten

"First i would like to say that i do not know alot about gravity and probably alot of things. I am not very well educated on gravity or any thing else really i am in high school and i know this may seem weird but then again you will think wow this seems so simple that it might actually be true. i know that i believe it because it makes so much sense. And i know that there are alot of people that think magnets and gravity are two different things but they are not.

my theory is that there are more than just the north and south pole. we just have not discovered them yet. i do not know how many but i know there are at least two. i think that the only reason we do not know is because the earth's pole is either not attracted to it or repels it. not every pole affects every other pole just some of them. we all have at least one or two at the least poles in us that is why we are connected to the earth. everything has at least one or two maybe more.

the earth and the planets have at least two poles in them. the sun is attracting us and pushing us at the same time. in the center there is a pole pushing us away and on top the pull is attracting us. that is why we do not crash on the sun and do not go away from it. think about the odds that 8 planets just happened to be going the perfect speed and distance from the sun as it went by to stay in orbit for ever there is no way there has to be a force pushing and pulling at the same time(magnets)

all the planets have this. they have poles scattered around also which is what makes us spin. the sun is pulling and pushing different sides making us spin. there is more on this theory that i have"
if you have any questions or want to here the rest email me at bigJbird82@yahoo.com

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