22 November 2006

The following message was sent to my mobile phone from a UK number at 19:29:23 on November 20th, 2006:

Jerry O'Gorman- mormon. Sexton Blake- cake. Loop the loop-soup. Chevy chase- face. Kidney punch- lunch. Cheerful giver- liver.


historyneverforgets2 said...

and no one notices a black notebook flying up and down in the middle of the day?

hotel22maid22 said...

LOL, the king doesn't get it.

eatthelovehopejoppp said...

"Could you stop it with your creepy hobby?"

bappakilah said...

plz tell me; HOW THE FUCK HE BECAME A LEGEND (no offense)

mruderdetrorst4121 said...

laugh my drunken ass off! ohh my god do I miss this guy come on america VOTE republican!!

sharkhill said...

@bappakilah lol were u live like austrailia or sumthing

IIpaulII said...

roof cams on WTC were disabled,the week before when they had the multiple evac drills-not for practice,but for 'communication cable upgrades'--did you see the WTC employee on 9/11 coming out say "I've worked here 13 years,never done an evacuation drill,yet we've done 3 in the last week!'?if you didn't, you probably won't. the cams were taken out by that company 'accidentally'- destroyed w/building EXCEPT cams live feed automatically burned and stored by security company...

dante_steppenwolf said...

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Wander Wander said...

I am a 42 year woman. I read to kill a Mocking Bird and I hated it. I liked Animal Farm which was about the communism and how it is doomed to fail. I believe in real capitalism not this corporate welfare system we have. Elvis was a god.

lollshwut said...

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Wander Wander said...

Il ya beaucoup de choses que je n'aime pas mais je ne laisserait jamais un être humain à blesser un autre être humain et s'asseoir. «Aider les gens à People» est leur devise, plus comme "comment puis-je vous traiter comme des ordures aujourd'hui». Ce n'est pas le Canada, j'ai grandi en croyant en, c'est le Canada de Stephen Harper. Mon plus grand espoir est que le seperatists au Québec diviser le Canada en place, mettre dans le droit pénal français, je peux me déplacer là-bas, et être un citoyen. Les gens se plaignent de police du Québec, il est le système de justice criminelle anglaise qui corrompt et pervertit eux. "Vive le Québec libre!"

mruderdetrorst4121 said...