12 December 2006

"For our purposes, the pertinent fact is that everywhere in the modern world smells are being eliminated. What is shown by this immense deodorizing campaign, which makes use of every available means to combat natural smells whether good or bad, is that the transposition of everything into the idiom of images, of spectacle, of verbal discourse, and of writing and reading is but one aspect of a much vaster enterprise. (...)
"But a perfume either induces or fails to induce an erotic mood- it does not carry on a discourse about it. It either fills a place with enchantment or else has no effect upon it at all."
Henri Lefebvre, 'The Production of Space'(Blackwell Publishing, MA, USA; Oxford, England; Victoria, Australia; 1991), p. 197, 198.

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Anonymous said...

fuck the smell police