2 June 2008

The Ralph Lauren paint rep only visits stores in places navigable by yacht

Me: What's it like, Ralph?
Ralph Lauren: (laughs and nods) It's incredible. I like your shirt.
[I was wearing Polo.]
Me: Thanks, I like it too.
Ralph Lauren (to Kate): I like yours too.
[she was wearing my Polo sweatshirt]
Kate: Thanks, it's his.
Me: How long have you had it?
Ralph Lauren: About a year now.
Me: Did you just take it out from your ranch?
Ralph Lauren: Yeah.
Me: I can imagine.
Ralph Lauren: What do you think of it?
Me: It's beautiful. Absolutely incredible.
[short pause]
Me: Sorry about all this.
Ralph Lauren: Don't worry about it.
Me: Thanks so much for bringing it out.
Ralph Lauren: Sure.
Me: Goodbye.
Ralph Lauren: Goodbye.

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