15 September 2008

Passionately Swiss™

In Lehman’s London office, the bridgehead for the Wall Street firm’s international expansion, many were evidently determined to minimise their status as creditors to the firm.

“Some have more than £100 on their pre-pay canteen cards, [so] they’re buying hundreds of bars of chocolate, bags of roasted coffee and anything that’s non-perishable,” said one employee.

Others were more actively seeking employment. Recruiters were stationed at Canary Wharf coffee shops to collect curriculum vitae.

Some staff said they had been banned from sending e-mails, adding that BlackBerrys and mobile phones no longer worked.

“I’ve had people calling me from telephone boxes. In the old days you’d just pick up your Rolodex and you’d bugger off. Now everything in your life is with the company,” said a former employee.

- Financial Times, Shocked Lehman staff told to ‘move on’. Published: September 15 2008 21:42 Last updated: September 15 2008 21:42


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