15 November 2008

Santoka's tooth dream

"Writing about the artist's state of mind when working, Ruskin asserts that there is an "uncontrolled " dimension tied to the phenomenon of inspiration. The vision of the artist does not come (solely) from within, but rather passes through like a wind, the divine breath or spirit, that at times seems to alter the mind, driving the artist toward madness. (...) Ruskin associates the vision of the inspired artist to a mirror onto which the divine truth is reflected while, at the same time, it is blurred, or agitated, by his fallen (human) soul. The grotesque emerges through this movement, between the elevated divine truth and the base, natural nature of the human realm."
- Caroline Dionne, Architectural Creativity in Lewis Carrol's The Vision of the Three T's, in Architecture and Authorship.


Anonymous said...

that's taking it too far

knowles eddy knowles said...

You are repressed.