28 May 2011

I had a vision of love

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Anonymous said...

It was said by the media that during the late twentieth century, it was the “war time” period of fanchuan show: within Redtop Arts, there was severe internal strife,
and other fanchuan groups established themselves one after another, wanting a piece of the pie. Beside Redtop, other famous troupes were Hongpai yiren 紅牌藝人 [Top Artists], Huali bianshen 華麗變身 [Top Arts Entertainment], Baixue zongyi jutuan 白雪綜藝劇團 [Snow White Entertaining Troupe], Jinling hongfen juyi gongzuo fang
金陵紅粉劇藝工作坊 [Blushing Diva Troupe], Tiantang-niao gewu jutuan 天堂鳥歌舞劇團 [The Bird of Paradise], Xinshiji fanchuan meiren show 新世紀反串美人秀 [New Century Cross-dressing Beauty Show], Shamo yaoji 沙漠妖姬 [Drama Queen], and Hongling yiren 紅伶藝人 [Beautiful Artist].