8 September 2011

Right Now in Silicon Valley


"The amount of time needed to install the sculpture exceeded my expectations and added extra labor costs. If I had been able to employ my own men, the cost of labor would have been roughly one tenth to one thirtieth of what it cost to employ the Canadian workers. I truly did not expect these added costs. Thus, I quickly realized that when you're doing large scale projects abroad, you must be careful about whom and how many workers you choose to employ. If your own men can't come over from China, large adjustments in technology and operating costs will be required. Of course, this is all part of the learning process." 
—Ren Jun, Praise to Water: The Sculpture of Ren Jun—A Series of News (Vancouver Biennale - Winter Olympic Games; catalogue), 2011

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Werner Werner Spies Spies said...

A rather streaky film that unfortunately misguided by the background music and some free interpretation of art is somewhat disturbed. Smoke is a big one. Like art. You too seem to be a very thoughtful, complex man who fits into any category and is difficult to grasp. Even if the would-be critics understand some do not smoke does not really fit into this (art) world, it is anachronistic / modern and intellectually.