25 October 2011


"It is 2009 and Jobs is recovering from a liver transplant and pneumonia. At one point the pulmonologist tries to put a mask over his face when he is deeply sedated. Jobs rips it off and mumbles that he hates the design and refuses to wear it. Though barely able to speak, he orders them to bring five different options for the mask so that he can pick a design he likes."



Dennis Peng said...

Absolutely terrible, I’m speechless. I was advised to check out this ‘blog’ by a friend and I have spent a good 30 minutes re-assuring myself this was not a joke. I literally cannot fathom that there are individuals that deluded in this planet that will call this a blog. I’m honestly so confused right now…surely you people are not for real..i mean you MUST be joking right? come on can’t you see it… There’s nothing special- really I’m not just saying that because i don’t understand the complex story behind it or it’s subtle undertexts… there is nothing there

It makes me wonder what sort of planet we are living in. I’m questioning life right now and not in a good way- what is it with some individuals? why must they do this and make things difficult

Pretentious beyond words…. Absolutely shocking, anybody can re-create such a ‘blog’ given 20 minutes and a cheap computer.

Hopefully i will forget about this whole thing before the morning, it’s not even funny. And i have spoken with my friend and told them to never discuss this sort of thing ever again lest i see red and spark them unconscious there and then for such an idiotic display

Anonymous said...

relax Dennis!

Anonymous said...

The real Dennis Peng would not say such a thing!

jjjjjjjuanito said...

First of all, you seem like a really good person! jaja, and that has a value as huge as art itself.

Second, if you don’t like it, that ok, and if you do, that´s ok too.
Stop judging and trying to make people think like you, that´s not what art is about neither life.

If someone wants to read this websute hundreds of thousands, that´s ok too. money doesen’t mean a thing in this world.

jjjjjjjuanito said...