15 January 2013

# Sals Cafe

Video Installation for designated Smoking Room, Sals Café Antwerp
Stroom (5min loop, HD, 2012) is a video made by Nina Könnemann to be shown in a bar’s designated smoking room. It will be presented for the first time at Sals Café, Antwerp and was developped during her residency at AIR Antwerpen earlier in 2012.
Stroom extends the logic of Könnemann‘s earlier work Apple Car (2000), another video made for a specific place and its visitors. This video was installed in a taxi company’s waiting room, where it was intended to be seen by young people on a night out in a state of fatigue and drunkeness.  
The target audience for the video presented at Sals Café are people who smoke tabacco. In front of the smoking room´s six standing places, the video will function like an artificial window, an otherwise missing place upon which to rest one’s gaze.
Opening Wednesday 10th of October at 8pm. Runs until Wednesday 24th of October in Sals Café, Groenplaats 11, 2000 Antwerp.

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