13 July 2014


Marti. I hate to say this, believe me I really do, but surely you can see how being “male-bodied” (i.e., xy chromosomes, sex characteristics) combined with intimidating posturing (such as that described in this piece, and what you are attempting here) have the potential to frighten “cis” women when so many of us have been victims of male violence? Sorry but how is that likely to make “cis” women permit access to change rooms and bathrooms? Has it occurred to you that intimidating force really isn’t the appropriate “tactic” in this type of situation when it might actually be acceptable in a different protest setting?
Meghan Murphy - August 20th, 2013 at 11:55 am
But the use of caps does signify shouting… Regardless of your intent, it does come off as aggressive… I’m not saying don’t express anger, I’m just letting you know that your sentiments may not be coming off in the way you intend them to…
Frankly I was finding your abundant use of caps to be jarring and aggressive, and I would have found this regardless of who you were. I mean it’s not that I don’t use the occasional caps-word myself but….. My point was that, if the object is to share intimate spaces with people, it is necessary to build trust and dialogue, not make demands. It’s really not the same thing as engaging in other types of political protest.

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