6 October 2007

And i'll tell you why I know this in a moment...


"However, legitimate tests are not always abundant in conflicts: tests which are not classified and which are not subject to the surveillance of a third party constitute forms of conflict which make it impossible to reach an agreement based on the merit of the argument, and thus establish a relation of force between the disputants. These are not tests of something, trials in which it is clear what the rules are and what is exactly put to trial, but they are tests of force. In this, therefore, conflicts are definable as sequences of tests subjected to a more or less rigorous classification, sequences of tests which activate an arena of actors made up of different scenes, each with its own timescale."

- Wikipedia Entry for Luc Boltanski

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Hari Kotadia said...

Subject Kept Silent Unimaginably.
Opens Talk Write Deny Debate All.

Not Just Reach Anyhow Next Century.
But With Space Mission Next Millennium.

Present and Future World Problems.
The Most Visionary Global Solution.

The United World.
The Uni-Ruled World.

Solution All In One.
Solution All Built In.

Knowledgeable New Born.

Unknown All Blow Horn.
World Drama Own Version.

No Win Close Curtain.
Rehearsal On No-Learn.

Wishing Dear Mother Earth.
Many Returns Of The Death.

Flying Lovers At Copenhagen.
Roam Over Climate Romance.

Curiously Lost On Wrong Track.
Open Battle Game World Pact.
Traps/Tricks Counter Act.
Wisdom Voice Back Track.

How To Open The Heart?
Where There Natural Love.

What Someone Would Say?
Might Lost That Own Mind.

Found Free And More Fresh.
Memory Access Last Upgrade.

No Hang Up Or Disk Crash.
Sectors Along Indicates Intact.

No Pressure Or Even Sugar.
Smartly Moving The Graph.

Revision Report Short Vision.

Simplicity Too Evident.
Complexity Un-Designed.

Climate Lovers At Copenhagen.
Climate Lovers Earth Around.

Sure Insure Yes We Can.
Change The World Even.

Found Aladdin The Magic Lamp.
Un-Served Anything No Camp.

Solution All In One.
Solution All Built In.

Knowledgeable New Born.

The United World.
The Uni-Ruled World.

Anything Else Treat With Patch.
Minds Business No Record Match.

Good Ground Develop Addition.
Mourn Meet Shame Celebration.

Nothing Left On Write Will.
Most Want Only Mother Deal.

Super Human Life Worth.
Expect Earth Early Death.

Well Longest With In Millennium.
Slow But Certain Mother’s Death.

World Surprise Unite Other Ways.
Selfish Mission Mislead All-Ways.

Developed World – Money Power.
Muscle Power – The Super Power.

Collective All With Full Power.
Demand From Poor Beggars.

Developing World -Third World.
Hope Have Healthy Stomach.

Big Brothers Actor Donor Brothers.
Most Innovative Anyhow Sale Favors.

Force For Climate-Eco Surgery.
Live Then Even with No Stomach.

Past-Present Own Sins.
Over Consumption Any things.

Redefine Moral-Rights Instant Will.
Overlook Pain Suffering Generation.

Fill Together exaggerated Crying Pain.
Indigestible Beggars’ Little Gain.

The One and The Only One.
The Solution To Every One.

Ignore Purposefully All The Times.
Realize The Fact Long Real Future.

Once The right solution.
At The Right time.

Solution All In One.
Solution All Built In.

Knowledgeable New Born.

The United World.
The Uni-Ruled World.

The Have-Nots Have Proud.
Having Few Ones Fortune 500.

Can The-Haves Have Such Proud?
Having Futureless Have-Nots Few Billions.

Do We Sense The Difference?
Nothing thinking Quality Thinking.

Have All Self Dignity.
Either Poor Or Rich.

No Demand No Donations.
Develop With Own Effort.

Pay Punishment Harming Act.
Justice Nobel Bring Balance.

Have-Nots Lived Many Milenium.
Could Live Even More Millenium.

Few Days The-Haves Deadly Upsets.
On Bit Less Uncountable Bank Balance.

Every Thing Understandable But Not.
Who Help Whom Who Expect Whom.

Rethink Again Till Mindset.
Wish Planet Live Longer Then Parents.

The Best Coincidental Chance.
Econo-Politico Close Leadership.

Never Will Come Such Favorable Time.
Never Will Remain Critical Still Safe Time.

Simplest Solution Climate-Ecological Balance.
Efficient Management Earth Unit Management.

Solution All In One.
Solution All Built In.
Knowledgeable New Born.

The United World.
The Uni-Ruled World.