29 October 2007

The Smell of Maple Syrup


Anonymous said...

My favorite part of it all came when Nancy and Jerry called and said "OMG are we all going out tonight?" and I was like "Yes, but Fred is not going to be there" and they were like "wwwhhHHAT??" and then it turned out that Fred was on the other line and had been listening the whole time when I thought the whole time he had been at the Cal Tjader show and now what was I going to do...because Fred knows that I wanted to get into the MOMA group show that year and if he thought I was shitting on him to Jerry (especially Jerry!) how the heck was I going to go anywhere in this town, the only town I've ever wanted to live in, my destiny is obviously here and to have some dickweed like Fred stand in the way of that dream, really, a reality...too much, too much.

Anonymous said...

But I guess I didn't really shit on Fred, I could play it off as a mistake, calendrical-wise...help!