8 July 2009

The Great Binge

I discovered the only Morel patch naturally growing on our 17-acre farm through a pre-cognitive dream. Upon telling my dinner guests of the dream I had had that morning, we went directly to the location. In exactly the 20 x 20-ft plot of ground seen by me in dream-travel, Morels were popping up. Nowhere else on our property has a native Morel patch been discovered in the years hence....

Baffling and beguling, Morels continue to tease us with their peculiar sense of humour. If any readers know of similarly unusual encounters of the Morel kind, I would like to know. Please write me c/o Fungi Perfecti, P.O. Box 7634, Olympia, WA98507 USA.

Paul Stamets - Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms

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