30 July 2009

Not Yet the State's Bitch

During my afternoon break, my not unsensible 'boss' lamented with me over the fact that I was not a recipient of a national artist grant. His suggestion: "Why not make art to live in - you know -like architecture, or even an interesting bathroom?...art is for everyone afterall, and it should be pleasing ... Stephen Harper is really a scary scary man"

Marcel Duchamp, “Untitled (Hand and Cigar),” 1967. Lithograph. Edition of 100. Norton Simon Museum, Gift of Mr. John Coplans in homage to Mr. Walter Hopps. © 2008 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris / Succession Marcel Duchamp]

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knowles eddy knowles said...

But isn't that what we have been doing, making art that you live in?