26 November 2009

Bobo International

"A well-cultivated person will not stoop to compete for the No. 1 place with average Joes and Janes. A bobo is well-cultivated. His notebook displays a style of simplicity. Bobos love country folk, a weathered fisherman, a craftsman in the remote coutnryside, or a short and plump artist who dances simple folk dances and sings simple folk songs. For bobos, those simple-minded country folk look serene and peaceful. Although they are poor, they lead a rich life... Corresponding to the fundamental spirit of the bobos is the simple but smart-looking E100. It is clothed in simple dark blue, but its keyboard and LCD screen shines in fashionable silver. A contradictory colour scheme like this matched with a daring design delivers to the bobos a jazzy sense of romance."
–advert copy for Legend Solei Notebook E100

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