5 November 2009

The ten pound garbanzo bean

Inevitably, when addressing Knowles' diversified oeuvre, one is drawn to the authorial presence of the artist as it is self-consciously inserted into the work. This entry point is encouraged by Knowles' practice of deploying his signature in the spectacular form of a logotype, a practice in which the artist's monogram is stylized into a symbol like those that are commonly used by corporations for brand-marketing purposes. During a decades-long refusal to attain a consistent and identifiable morphology, "KEK" at once stands as a nexus bringing together a diverse array of projects and providing a stable chart for translations into meaning.
–Alexander Alberro, Meaning at the Margins: The Semiological Inversions of Knowles Eddy Knowles


Anonymous said...

this is terrible!

Anonymous said...

when you're off you're off

Anonymous said...

I love it