11 November 2014

Art Project

The exhibition of contemporary art from Ukraine titled Through Maidan and Beyond is opening on 17 November at MuseumsQuartier Wien, as a part of Vienna Art Week 2014.

Through Maidan and Beyond includes works by artists from Ukraine, who respond to the events unfolding in the country, study the circumstances preceding the change, and envision a new society. The project aims to show the Kyiv contemporary art scene to a European audience.

"The project develops a fresh view on the importance of European values during the Ukrainian protests by constructing ties between the Ukrainian and European cultural scenes," commented Marc-Milo Lube, the co-initiator of the exhibition.
"Through Maidan and Beyond is a view at the contemporary art scene of Kyiv. It's not just the artists who were born in Kyiv or live there, but those who create the cultural identity of the city. We belive that EU integration process strats with culture, and then comes to political or economical issues," says Alexei Chernyshov, the founder of Kyiv Vision Foundation. (...)

The viewers get access to a multitude of first-hand experiences of the Ukrainian events, and to a variety of views on them. All the stories have a human dimension. Also, the general line of the show reveals individual and collective values that the European public may find familiar and recognizable. The exhibition is accompanied by a programme of discussions and artist talks.

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