7 November 2014

Two falses and two blanks

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Anonymous said...

Three nuns are in a station wagon that gets hit by a train. They didn't have a chance to confess their sins before they died, but it turns out there's a little-known clause in the church canon that says that St. Peter can let them into heaven if they pass a pop quiz, the difficulty of which depends on the nature of their unconfessed sins.

St. Peter looks up the first nun in the Book of Life, then asks her, "Who was the first man?" She says, "Adam", and the Pearly Gates open. He looks up the second nun, asks, "Who was the first woman?" She says, "Eve", and the Pearly Gates open. Then the third nun walks up, St. Peter finds her in the Book of Life, reads, raises an eyebrow, turns a page, reads some more, frowns, turns another page, actually blushes, and then sighs and thinks for a few seconds before asking, "What was the first thing that Eve said to Adam?"

The nun thinks for a while, then finally says, "Gee, that's a hard one", and the Pearly Gates open.